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Botox Training and Certification for Texas

The Perio Health Seminars Will Host
Dr. Howard Katz

Clinical Research Center

Perio Health Professionals

Houston, Texas

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

October 20-21, 2017

Breakfast & Lunch will be served

Registration Fee: $1650.00 Dentist

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Most therapeutic treatments using botulinum toxins are performed by combining strategic esthetic treatments. This popular program covers all the dentofacial  esthetic and therapeutic treatments that your patients are looking for including facial pain, sialorrhea, smile asymmetry, masseteric and temporalis hypertrophy, hyperhidrosis, lip hypertonicity, gummy smiles, nasio-labial folds and much more. Also covered are academic pearls acquired over decades to inject painlessly, treat and prevent side-effects, save you money, acquire new patients and increase your production.

Dr. Katz is also a medical innovator and practicing general dentist. In addition to being named on the patent applications for all Botulinum toxins including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, his name is also on the patent application for gel dermal filler  formulations with anesthetic salts and Oraverse, an anesthetic reversal product. He also led research into using sugar alcohols like xylitol and sorbitol in dentistry almost 40 years ago and is responsible for introducing Botox along with gel filler injections into dental offices nearly two decades ago. As the leader of the Dentox live patient training program, Dr. Katz continues to innovate, updating and improving courses all the time so that they maintain their cutting-edge status.


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Perio Health Professionals

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